The Key Man






  • Emergency Unlock Service
  • Rekey Locks to a new key
  • Repair Broken Locks
  • Drill Holes for New Locks
  • Program Garage Door Openers
  • Replace Mailbox Locks
  • Install Digital Locks

We provide a wide range of services for residential properties.  Rekeying the locks to a new key is the most common service.  Another common service we provide is the drilling of new holes for additional locks, such as a deadbolt on the door leading into the garage. Some rollup garage doors use the T-handle for locking.  Most of those must be replaced. Sometimes they can be rekeyed. We can make keys on the spot.  We can make most of the unusual keys such as for sheds, water sprinkler systems, mailbox keys and many more specialty type keys used on houses.  We program garage door openers.  We also offer emergency lockout services.  We also have lots of experience in the eviction process.  We can meet the Sheriff for an eviction and can represent you.

  • Emergency Unlock Services
  • Rekey Locks
  • Replace/Repair Locks
  • Store Front Door Service
  • Master Keying
  • Schlage Primus
  • BEST IC locks
  • Digital Lock Service
  • Panic Bar Service

We service store front doors, offices, warehouses and other such locks.  We can master key commercial buildings.  We have experience with Schlage Primus, BEST interchangeable core locks, and many other types and brands of locks.  We have the tools for removing cylinders in commercial levers for serving or rekeying without damaging the locks, when there is no key available.  It is quite common, in an office environment, where nobody has a key to one or more offices.  We also offer emergency lockout services for commercial property, as well as participate in evictions.

  • Unlock doors and trunks
  • Program transponder Keys
  • Replace lost keys/fobs
  • Program remotes
  • Repair broken remote keys
  • Open trunks with no damage.
  • Service ignitions
  • Rekey locks

Providing the latest in car keys, fobs and keyless entry fobs is easy for us because we invest in the latest tools and software to get the job done right and at the best price.  We can cut and program high security keys and fobs for all the new cars shortly after they hit the market.  We have 24/7 access to dealer codes for the newest protocols.  Getting that code that is needed to program that special key is not a problem for us.  Most of our tools can extract the information needed in the process of programming transponder keys and fobs.  We can provide a huge variety of keyless entry remotes on the spot with a unique after market system.  In most cases, we can program remotes to operate two different vehicles, helping to eliminate one of those extra remotes you have to carry for your other car.

  • Remove chemicals and dump at local registered dump sites
  • Remove debris
  • Remove large items
  • Provide dumpsters
  • We do big jobs
  • We do small jobs
  • You name it, we haul it

We will provide a free quote to haul away anything from a pile of yard clippings to all that junk and other items left behind by the previous tenant.  We have had projects that will more than twice, fill a 10-ton dumpster.  We have also just picked up a few bags of debris.  No job is too big or too small for us.  We make use of all the local dumps to properly dispose of chemicals, electronic equipment, and all the rest of the junk.  It is quite often to hear one of our customers gasp at the sight of all the junk left behind by their tenants. Whether a rental unit or a foreclosure, lots of junk left behind, is a very common problem for homeowners to have to deal with.